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Boswellia Frereana | Frankincense| Resin

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This Frereana Resin is a Kyphi Ethical Grade.

The Frereana gum is undeniably one of the worlds oldest chewing gums. The gum-resin becomes a soft white chewing in the mouth within 20 seconds. The flavour is lemony and refreshing with natural medicinal properties. Also known as Maydi in Somalia, this gum has been consumed for its oral health and stomach benefits by the Ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans and even Ancient Greeks. The gum can be burned as a resin as it produces a lemony zest. Frereana oil is used by modern cosmetic companies for skin and fragrance cosmetics. In modern clinical research, studies have been done to understand the oral health benefits of chewing Frereana resins. This tree and its resin can only be found in Northern Somalia and its protection is something we deeply care for. 

How to chew Frereana Gum

Each person only needs a small piece to enjoy a full and flavourful experience. The gum lasts for hours and can be safely digested if you chose to.

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