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Frankincense Incense Burner and Censer Holder

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This resin burner is ideal for frankincense resins and also: Myrrh, Copal, Dragons Blood, Guggul, Benzoin and even Sal resins. The burner is handmade in India and comes with a brass sieve and plate that is easy to remove and clean after every use. The censer is adjustable with a wooden screw clinch that can hold it's position at various heights. You can place a candle at the bottom and adjust your height to burn desired intensity (**wrap plate with aluminum tinfoil if you plan to use candles). The bottom piece can also be used to hold your resins. This multi purpose burner/censer can be moved around through your home/space during spiritual cleansing routines. The censer is decorative, elegant and minimalist.

To assemble the unit follow these 5 simple steps:

1) Remove all pieces from the package and lay on a flat surface.

2) Remove brass bar and wooden clinch from plastic bag and unscrew the top and bottom nuts from the brass bar.

3) Screw brass bar into base plate and tie in brass nut to the bottom.

4) Loop the brass plate holder bowl into the bar and screw in your wooden clinch.

5) Screw brass nut onto the bar and place plate first and sieve second in that order. Place your charcoal on a stove top and gently carry it with a tong onto your censer.

Place desired amount of resin on your charcoal and enjoy your rituals.



Pack the sieve insert with a little aluminum foil, it will last forever and will not get dirty / resinous

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