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Boswellia Sacra Samples

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*Limit 1 set per customer. If you are able to add more to cart, please note that only 1 sample sets will be shipped out. Our exclusively sourced Boswellia Sacra is limited. Our Sacra essential oil is sourced twice a year from Oman with strict frankincense practices. This oil is also referred to as Sacred Frankincense for its healing properties.  For updates about this oil, sign up to our email list.  ORIGINS: Latin Name: Boswellia Sacra
Plant Origin: Oman
Botanical Family: Burseraceae
Plant Part: Resin, Organic
Processed: Steam Distilled
Chemotype: Alpha-Pinene 
Chemical Family: Monoterpenes
Aroma: Sweet, light, almost floral aroma
Note Classification: Base