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Boswellia Carteri Samples

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*Limit 1 set per customer. If you are able to add more to cart, please note that only 1 sample sets will be shipped out. Our Boswellia Carteri is a hand picked frankincense that is distilled in small batches to produce a sensational essential oil. When you buy frankincense at Kyphi, you support local harvesters to tap trees sustainably.  We urge sustainable tapping of the Carteri Trees because the quality of the oils come through with such practices and the protection of the Carteri trees as a whole. For whatever purpose you intended to use this ancient oil, you will always find yourself having a personal ritual with this oil. ORIGINS

Latin Name: Boswellia Carterii
Plant Origin: Somalia
Botanical Family: Burseraceae
Plant Part: Resin, Organic
Processed: Steam Distilled
Chemotype: Alpha-Pinene 
Chemical Family: Monoterpenes
Aroma: Light, crisp and soft aroma
Note Classification: Base