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Kyphi and Frankie

Our seasonally tapped frankincense is sourced sustainably through coops and harvesters that bring you the finest Carteri, Frereana and Sacra resins you can buy.

The History
There isn't enough room on this page to share the history of Frankincense.
We will, however, share with you ancient stories from Ancient Egypt to the modern day.

Our Purpose
 We exist to help these trees survive and find ways of sustainable sourcing and production to help maintain these powerful trees.

The Truth
There are two ways your body receives the benefits of Frankincense Oils and Resins. 
#1 Repeat skin absorption of natural and functional ingredients
#2 Consistent stimulation of the brain and olfactory system through aromatic scents
Our Promise
Is to share and care for these trees and the medicinal wellness they provide. Join us