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What Goes Well With Frankincense

Posted by Elizabeth Grasse on

When we began the journey to bring you quality frankincense oils and resins, it was in our interest to build a community that shares recipes and the unique blends that lift this essential oil. 

So when someone asks, what blends well with frankincense we typically say "it depends". The reason we feel strongly about this answer is that if someone's skin or soft areas have worked well with natural carrier oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and Castrol than we would say "Go ahead, just add frankincense". However, it's not that simple. You see if this is for your skin, you need to understand that your application will be on the largest single organ of your entire body--Your Skin.
What Goes Well With Frankincense
The skin isn't just something that holds us, but it's what protects and nourishes the interior. The powerful properties of frankincense essential oils can only go as far as what your skin currently enjoys. If your skin absorbs well with coconut oil; add 2-4 drops of Boswellia Carteri. This will increase your dermal absorption. If you are looking for something simple and routine use our hydrosol and spray generously to your face and/or body.  


As we share recipes and the do's and don't of Frankincense uses, it is important that you always listen to your body and respect what your skin is telling you. Sometimes, it does not need what's new or hot. Just something tried, tested and true.

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