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Aluminum Foil Hack to Burn Frankincense Resins

Posted by Elizabeth Grasse on
Aluminum foil is used for cooking, BBQ, and protecting ceramics. When it comes to burning frankincense resins, you will benefit from using the aluminum foil.
To burn the frankincense resins, you may use aluminum foil in a tray/bowl shape over electric coil cook tops or electric smooth top. Place one frankincense pebble or a couple medium size frankincense pebble in the aluminum tray/bowl. Then turn the stove dial on high until you see the resins begin to melt, within seconds you'll enjoy the fruity/woody aroma from the sacred frankincense resins.At this point, you may turn down the stove dial to medium. By doing this, the resins will continue to melt. Once the aroma fills up your space or you see the residue from the frankincense resins then turn off the stove. The downside to this is the cost of energy could build up.
Aluminum Foil Hack to Burn Frankincense Resins
An alternative is to use a charcoal disc or a coconut shell charcoal cube. Place the charcoal on the stove top and heat the charcoal on high. Then wrap a small piece of aluminum foil over the charcoal disc or cube to protect the ceramic or any surface when the frankincense resins are burning. Also, you may burn the resins on the charcoal alone without the aluminum foil in which case the ashes would sit on the ceramic surface. The ashes act as a protector on the ceramic surface.
Another option would be to place the frankincense resins on aluminum foil in a incense holder above a candle. The resins sit high enough so that the heat from the candle melts the resins. Again the aluminum foil helps protect the incense holder.
Enjoy! Happy Cleansing!

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